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Play the newest games on Xbox X in Pune

Enjoy your favorite Xbox X titles at the best video gaming center in Pune. Get the latest games, content with subscription easily and securely.

Almost everyone around us is a gamer, but only few are the ones who choose a gaming center for playing games. Collateral Damage gaming center is a good news for the people in Pune as we are providing services of gaming consoles and their accessories to the gamers. If you are looking for an ultimate gaming experience with your favorite games, then there are certain centers in Pune which will provide you with the best gaming experience. Come to Collateral Damage Gaming to experience the fun and entertainment of Xbox X Games.


Xbox X Series

You can enjoy the titles of every popular Xbox X games at our center by choosing one from our huge collection. We provide 1 hour coupons to use for playing chargeable games. You can also rent the games and gaming consoles on a per day basis.

Our gaming center in Pune has many latest Xbox X games. In addition, we also have a collection games of other gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and 5. You can find Xbox X games for every kind of audience, so you will never be disappointed.

The new generation of consoles can boast of having a very generous catalogue. This is due to the backward compatibility of Xbox Series X that allows you to enjoy Xbox One titles without the need to install anything additional. Still, current games take full advantage of the power of the new hardware, especially the best Xbox Series X racing games. Below you have a complete list with ideas to play with your friends.


And that is one of the advantages of racing games. They are especially based on offline and online multiplayer mode to offer an exciting experience together with other players. In Xbox Series X and S it is necessary to have a subscription to Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in its absence. This Microsoft service gives you access to the online functions of the games that require it. You can still play the racing games alone against the artificial intelligence.

That said, under these lines you have the most important racing games for Xbox Series X. There are only the titles that have their own version for the new generation of consoles, but you can also see which are the best racing games in history to watch other platforms . Here you have a wide variety of cars and circuits where you can drive at full speed to reach the finish line.

Top 10 best racing games for Xbox Series X

In this list, you have the 10 best racing games for Xbox Series X, where you will find a great variety. From the crazy races of Riders Republic to the realistic simulation of Forza Horizon 5. Enjoy the most exciting competitions!

  • Forza horizon 5 

  • Assassin creed valhalla 

  • Mortal Kombat

  • Gta 5 

  • Fifa 22

  • Cyberpunk

  • Dirt 5 

  • Farcry 6 

  • Uncharted

  • Marvel spider man 

  • Call of duty ww2 

  • Call of duty mordern warfare

  • Boderlands 

  • Dying light 2 

  • Red redemption 

  • Ghost recon

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